Driveway Gravel

Driveway Gravel

Before choosing the driveway gravel for your home, you must know that driveway gravel is different from gravel road as it is made only with small round pebbles. Make sure you use the “right” term in front of your contractor. It is going to be your entrance of your home and it needs to be attractive.

Gravel is considered to be cheap material which requires no maintenance usually used all around the world as driveway gravel. Gravel refers to small pebbles of about 5-30 mm and mostly in round shapes or sharp look. The color is usually matched with the side rock pattern. The famous color is considered to be brown as it matches with almost all side stones.

Professionals prefer little sharp pebbles for driveway gravel so that do not wither too quickly and tyres usually start sinking in it. They use ordinary gravel which it is easy to walk on it and it does not spread away due to car’s tyres pressure. Driveway gravel can always be paved over later with a material of your choice.

The gravel will become more round as the price goes up and more colors will be available to you. There are few types of driveway gravel.  The cheapest and sharp driveway gravel is called Pea shingle. It has only one advantage i.e. it makes sound when someone walks on it. Many people use it due to its security advantage. It has the diameter of 10 mm and the bag will have sorts of stone in it. Professionals comment that such driveway gravel can easily be carried away from shoes and tyres. They recommend the diameter of 14mm-20 mm as the best driveway gravel for your home. The expensive ones will include same size pebbles with color of your choice.

If you have put crushed gravel on your driveway then make sure it has a proper drainage system beneath it. Taking snow off this material is very difficult. If you are living in some snowy region, then it is not for you. If you do not make it, it’s going to cause you many problems later along with loads of money too. Choose the best elegant colors because there are few colors that look too dull. Put the first layer that will be the base as flat fist sized stones. They will make a strong base of your driveway. Second one should be made of golf ball-sized stones. After these two layers, you can put your chosen gravel and see the perfect look you driveway now has.

After putting driveway gravel, make sure you do proper driveway edging as it will not gravel to mix with your ground. Mostly people use stones, metal or sometimes even wood for edging. It is always recommended that you should ask your contractor to do it. They fix it better than normal people as they know to handle such small details. You can view variety of stones online easily on various websites or simple ask your contractor to provide a catalog for stones.